The Company

Brookland Fine Homes is committed to building affordable homes without compromising on quality. We believe that building for the price-conscious buyer doesn’t mean having to cut corners. Whether you are a first-time home buyer on a tight budget or building your dream home with all the features, Brookland Fine Homes has an option to suit your needs.

We take every measure to ensure that your new home will be your haven. We use only the very best building materials and tradespeople, and put all our homes through a rigorous quality control program.

You can also rest assured that you’re protected through the Tarion Home Warranty program. Backed by 30+ years experience in the home building industry.

Building Supervision

Brookland Fine Homes has three full-time Construction Supervisors on staff. We don’t “sub-contract out” this extremely important position. Brookland’s Construction Supervisors, Mark Rutenberg, Ryan Young, and Nick Novello have over 35 combined years of experience in the residential construction industry and are responsible for the daily scheduling and coordinating of the over 30 sub-trades required to build a superior Brookland Fine Home.

Mark, Ryan, and Nick apply their problem solving and quality control abilities daily when supervising the construction of a Brookland home. Their agreeable dispositions are an asset when interacting with our clients for regularly scheduled progress inspections and the final mandatory pre-delivery client inspection.

Every Brookland Fine Home is inspected on a regular basis by the President of Brookland Fine Homes, John Armitage, a professional engineer with over 45 years experience in the house building industry.

With these experienced and conscientious individuals overseeing the construction of your home, you can rest assured you’re being well looked after.

Our Commitment

As the President of Brookland Fine Homes, I am committed to building affordable homes without compromising on quality. I guarantee the quality of our homes through constant and experienced supervision, and by aligning ourselves with superior suppliers and skilled tradespeople.

I promise to engage our customers throughout the construction process so we can provide you with an unparalleled home building experience and the utmost in service.


Our Assurance

Brookland Fine Homes Construction Quality Control Program: Brookland Fine Homes implements an eight-step quality control process to ensure that your home is built to your expectations.


  1. Our surveyor lays out the excavation and “pins” the building corners prior to foundation wall construction to ensure that the house is built square and in accordance with the plans.
  2. We employ a Geotechnical Engineer to certify that the foundation bearing capacity is in accordance with the Ontario Building Code.
  3. We employ a Structural Engineer to certify that the foundation has been constructed in accordance with the Ontario Building Code and design specifications prior to backfill.
  4. We arrange inspections with the City building inspector prior to the pouring of footings, prior to backfilling, prior to the pouring of the basement floor (to ensure that the plumbing is installed in accordance with code), at the completion of framing and prior to drywall installation (to inspect insulation).
  5. We only use high quality structural grade lumber and spruce plywood on sub floors to ensure the highest quality construction.
  6. We undertake a framing inspection to ensure all rooms are built to the correct dimensions and are square and plumb.
  7. Prior to drywall we examine all walls to ensure that all studs are plumb and all walls straight. Any studs, which may have warped, will be replaced.
  8. We employ a professional engineer to verify that the lot is graded in accordance with the approved grading plan.

Customer Service

What sets a good builder apart from a bad builder is their customer service and at Brookland Fine Homes we pride ourselves on delivering superior customer service.

After all new home construction as the moisture dissipates from all the construction materials used in a new home such as the wood, drywall mud, paints and plaster, inevitably there will be some shrinkage of materials leading to uncontrollable warping, gaps in wooden joints and nail pops. These are all common and expected consequences of new home construction.

Brookland Fine Homes is a “Tarion Warranty” registered builder, and as such our clients are entitled to the following:

A one-year warranty covering defects in workmanship and material.
A two-year warranty covering the electrical, plumbing and heating delivery and distribution systems in addition to warranting water penetration.
A seven-year warranty covering any defect that results in structural failure.
The Tarion warranty commences on the date of occupancy.

We employ a full-time designated Customer Service Representative, Erik, with many years experience in this field. Erik’s friendly, agreeable and prompt nature have endeared him to many of our past clients.

Every Brookland Fine Homes customer receives an organized and effective “New Home Owner Binder” which contains all the mechanical manuals, printed materials and emergency phone numbers for the sub-trades that worked on your house such as the plumber and electrician.

Should you have any issues with your new Brookland Fine Homes house, our designated Customer Service hotline, which is monitored daily, is only a phone call away and upon returning your call we’ll schedule our Customer Service Representative to visit your home within a maximum of 5 working days.

Tarion Warranty

Brookland Fine Homes is a certified Registrant with the Tarion Corporation (formerly Ontario New Home Warranty Program). All registrants with Tarion are entitled to:

One-Year Warranty

Requires a home is constructed in a workman-like manner and free from defects in material;
Protects against unauthorized substitutions;
Requires the home to be fit for habitation;
Protects against Ontario Building Code violations; and
Applies for one year, beginning on the home’s date of possession even if the home is sold.

Two-Year Warranty

Protects against water penetration through the basement or foundation walls;
Protects against defects in materials that affect windows, doors, and caulking and defects in work that results in water penetration into the building envelope;
Covers defects in work or materials in the electrical, plumbing, and heating delivery and distribution systems;
Covers defects in work or materials that result in the detachment, displacement, or deterioration of exterior cladding (such as brickwork, aluminum or vinyl siding);
Protects against violations of the Ontario Building Code that affect health and safety; and
Applies for two years, beginning on the home’s date of possession.

Seven-Year Warranty

Your home’s seven year warranty covers major structural defects (MSD) and begins on the date you take possession of the home and ends on the day before the seventh anniversary of that date.

A major structural defect is defined in the The Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act as:

In respect of a post June 30, 2012 home, any defect in work or materials in respect of a building, including a crack, distortion or displacement of a structural load-bearing element of the building, if it, results in failure of a structural load-bearing element of the building,
materially and adversely affects the ability of a structural load-bearing element of the building to carry, bear and resist applicable structural loads for the usual and ordinary service life of the element, or materially and adversely affects the use of a significant portion of the building for usual and ordinary purposes of a residential dwelling and having regard to any specific use provisions set out in the purchase agreement for the home

The seven-year MSD warranty includes significant damage due to soil movement, major cracks in basement walls, collapse, or serious distortion of joints, or roof structure, and chemical failure of materials.

In addition to the general exclusions, the seven-year MSD warranty specifically excludes: dampness not arising from failure of a load-bearing portion of the building; damage to drains or services; and damage to finishes.


Builders in Ontario are deemed to provide statutory warranty coverage as described in the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.

This coverage includes:

Protection for deposits;
Protection against Financial Loss for Contract Homes,
Compensation for delays in closing or occupancy;
Protection against unauthorized substitutions;
One and two year warranties for certain defects in work and materials;
A seven year warranty for major structural defects; and
Coverage for condominium common elements (the common or shared area of condominium buildings.)

The maximum statutory warranty coverage available for new homes and condominium units is $300,000. The maximum coverage for condominium common elements is $50,000 times the number of units, up to a maximum of $2.5 million. There is a maximum of $15,000 for warranted damage caused by environmentally harmful substances or hazards and a maximum of $25,000 for coverage of septic systems.

Tarion’s Role

Tarion ensures new home buyers receive the statutory warranty coverage they are entitled to under the Act. Most issues are resolved by builders without involvement by Tarion, however we will intervene if a builder fails to honour their warranty obligations.

Statutory warranty coverage is different from the warranties for items provided by manufacturers, suppliers or subcontractors (such as appliances or flooring). Claims for these items should be made directly to the product provider.

The statutory warranty protection is broad, but it is not all inclusive. The warranty coverage has limitations and exclusions. Homebuyers are encouraged to understand the scope of warranty coverage by reading this website and the Homeowner Information Package. The statutory warranties are in addition to any warranties or rights the homebuyer may have under contract or otherwise.

Brookland Fine Homes will contact you to arrange the following inspections:

Prior to occupancy – To carry out the TARION pre-delivery inspection (PDI), which will record any outstanding work and/or any deficiencies at the time of inspection.

Thirty days after occupancy – To ensure that all items noted in the PDI inspection have been completed to your satisfaction.

Brookland Fine Homes Background

John R. Armitage, P.Eng


Graduating from Queen’s University in 1971 with a BSc.(Civil), John began his career as an Assistant City Engineer for the City of Brockville, transitioning to management positions with Kingston’s Dacon Corporation. After 23 years with Dacon, John left his role as Chief Executive Officer to become a business owner.
Winner of Ernest Assaly Award (Tarion); leadership positions in Kingston and Ontario Home Builders’ Associations, City of Kingston Focus 2020 (strategic planning), Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce, Kingston Area Economic Development Commission, CFB Kingston Task Force; member of Kingston Business Hall of Fame, Kingston District Sports Hall of Fame, Kingston Rowing Hall of Fame, Brockville Collegiate Hall of Fame. Paul Harris Fellow Award (Rotary Club of Kingston); Kingston 2017 Canada 150 Citizen of the Year; guest lecturer, Queen’s School of Urban and Regional Planning.
In his leisure time, John enjoys volunteering as a coach for minor hockey and to rowing teams varying from high school to varsity to Olympic level athletes.